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All Youthworks Directors have at least 20 years service in their relevant professional fields. The Directors hold a range of post-graduate qualifications and accomplishments.


Youth Works NI is a Company with Community Interest at heart with an ethical foundation serving the best interest of the wider community and youth population. 




About us

Our Consultancy and Training Company prides itself in its ability to provide quality consultants, facilitators and trainers to meet the needs of any organisation whether business, corporate, statutory, community or charitable. Our not for profit company only delivers to the highest standards and we will strive to ensure 100% satisfaction for all our clients.  All profits from the company are used to effect positive change in our communities.


Lets not judge any book by its cover, lets find the individual provide them with knowledge and understanding then write a new chapter to a better ending for all the readers to enjoy!!!!

The values of YouthWorks NI are the foundation on which all youth work is based within the organization. This not for profit company offers young people the opportunity to grow up,  develop social and life skills in a safe and secure environment, take on responsibility and make decisions on their on own life styles based on sound information and support. Within YouthWorks NI young people get the opportunity to take risks on their value base, challenge their opinions and explore their own value base without judgement but with support and guidance.


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